Why Paint Therapy?

Alone with a baby, and no one to talk to, I began experimenting with watercolor as a hobby. While I painted, I took my anxious thoughts to another dimension and discovered that I wanted to live there. Later, with two small children, there was hardly time to paint, but I tried to fit in the vacation.

I am soooo thankful that I made time to paint because I have turned it into a business, because I discovered people would actually pay for my interpretations of their photographs. I opened etsy.com/shop/JillyWillyArt and sell my commissions and other works there. In addition, I use “paint therapy” as a way to cope with the stress of my recent divorce. It seems like a lot of people are looking for a way to escape without using drugs and alcohol. Paint Therapy is my way.

People keep asking how I paint from a photo. As a former graphic designer, who had to get a fast image on the paper, I have a lot of secrets that I share in my new book just released, Paint Therapy: Painting from photographs in watercolor. I show you step by step, how to take one of your photos and turn it into personal art. Not only is paint therapy

therapeutic, but paint therapy is also a fun hobby. You can paint by yourself, with friends, in a workshop, rain or shine, on the beach, or on your deathbed. Paint Therapy is fun for all ages! Follow the link to my Paint therapy e-book on etsy, or paperback on amazon.com. http://etsy.com/shop/jillywillyart

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