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My Favorite Art Store where you can buy supplies:


Tube paints. Get at least a blue, yellow, and red. I prefer cobalt blue, perm. rose, and cadmium yellow. I also use Holbein peach black, and Holbein royal blue. For white, I use the paper, or to make corrections, I use Acrylic titanium white.

Watercolor paper: 140 lb. Arches or Fabriano, cold press. I buy it in sheets, not blocks.

Brushes: This will depend on what size painting you are working on. To start with, try a #14, #6, #8, Round, a 1/2 inch angled flat, and a small script liner. You can add brushes later. I have hundreds of brushes. My favorites are the Series 7 Kolinsky sable brushes, but you can find good synthetic ones too. Experiment. This is not brain surgery!

Miscellaneous supplies:

toilet tissue roll (I know with Covid 19, you may have to use an old rag, but this will be your blotter), water container, papertowels or old rags, masking tape, board to tape your paper down. (you just need something to support your paper). I use a gater board, but you can use a cookie cutter, board, old book, whatever. You might also want to spatter with an old toothbrush, and I use a palette knife for scraping, a #2 pencil and a kneaded eraser. I also buy a covered palette to keep my paint in. You can also squeeze out a dime size amount of paint on a paper plate or white plate. Cover with a cloth or plastic wrap when not in use.

All supplies can be found above at the ONLINE LINK.


I am in the process of writing a book about painting from photos in acrylic. In the meantime, if you prefer to paint with acrylic paint, here are the supplies you need to get. I like to paint with acrylic too, so that I can have canvases to hang right on the wall. You can get these supplies ONLINE at the link above.

Paints: Start with a red, blue, yellow, white and black. I use cadmium red, cadmium yellow, and cobalt blue. I use titanium white, and mars black. Just FYI, I have hundreds of tubes of paint. If you really love a color, buy it. It is fun to try new colors, but you learn to mix colors from the primaries above.

CANVAS OR PAPER: You can paint on ANYTHING with acrylic as it is plastic. I use canvases to paint my commission paintings, but I have painted on paper, fabric, chairs, lamps. Acrylic paint is what you use to paint your walls, so if you have leftover paint, you can use it!

Brushes: I use household brushes (like the paint brushes for walls), and #14, #8, script rounds, and 1/2 inch angled flats. If you are painting a large canvas, use larger brushes.

Miscellaneous supplies: I use a toilet paper blotter, paper towels, rags, palette or plate to put my paint on, water container, pencil, toothbrush, palette knife

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